It's the JT WINTER 2023 NEWS! 


Some particularly attentive observers have noted that the two most recent live videos were both from last summer’s JT residency at John Scotts, and asked if we got a whole John Scott’s show on video.  Well no - we got FOUR of ‘em! 

After so many great summers of great moments out east in Hamptons-land, we finally decided to bite the bullet and lugged the mobile recording rig and a few cameras out there and recorded two afternoon shows and two evening shows. 

There’s no way to capture the magic and vibe of those weekly oceanside hangs on video, but we tried!  And, no, there won’t be a “live at John Scott’s” album officially released to the public, but it will be made available exclusively on my site to YOU, the denizens of the JT mailing list.  All my talk about you guys getting free member-exclusive stuff…it’s time for me to deliver!   Look for it sometime later this year. 


Speaking of free stuff - a lot of you have been enjoying the members-only preview of the new album.  It looks like we can leave that up until about mid-March, when we anticipate the album to be officially released.  So get all your free listening in now!  Just click on the album cover above and join the mailing list and we'll send you your password! 


Well, the Jefferson Thomas Unboxed Set (downloadable collection of all five JT albums available exclusively at was such a success that we received more than a few suggestions about creating a CD and even a vinyl version of it.  The download package-deal of five albums for $25 was the sweet spot.  It proved to be quite palatable for a lot of people.  However, the onerous production expenses involved in a CD or Vinyl version would make the retail price of such a package far too high for someone as un-famous as me to justify. 

But the main reason we’re retiring The Unboxed Set is that the SIXTH Jefferson Thomas album was finished in late 2022 and is headed your way in 2023, essentially rendering the Unboxed Set outdated. 

So we put together a “best of” package; smaller than The Unboxed Set, just twelve songs culled from the first five albums.  Almost like a sampler.  I could call it “greatest hits”, but I don’t even have any “worst” hits. 

As an added bonus, this features the new “cinema” (film/TV) versions of Jacksonville and Almost A Sunny Day that don’t appear anywhere else, as well as It Makes No Difference by The Band and Six O’Clock News by Kathleen Edwards - two unreleased cover tunes that, for some reason, never made it onto any JT album. 

The best part about all this?  Well, the folks at shows will have to buy it.  But you - the ever-loyal denizens of the JT mailing list - can get it for FREE right here, right now!  Just click on the album cover above. 

Stay warm out there, gang!

Damn, Jeff Beck... 

I am always playing so damn much that I rarely get to see anyone ELSE play; friends and colleagues as well as living legends. The last concerts I actually got to see were The Black Crowes in 2005 and The Pretenders in 2006. The number of famous musicians I've been able to personally MEET actually exceeds the number that I've been able to see perform, which is really rather bizarre. 

That said, Jeff Beck was yet another on that list of, "Man, I gotta get around to seeing them while they're still here." DAMMIT.  What a giant.

The HESS TRUCK is back! 

It brings a huge smile to my face each year when I see that Hess has come out with its new “Hess Truck” for the holidays.  I hope they never stop doing this. 

I was probably nine or ten years old, accompanying my mom as she began her Christmas shopping.  The very first place we went was a Hess gas station, where she bought the new Hess toy truck.  I got all excited, seeing this really cool truck with its working lights and everything, but wondered aloud why she had allowed me to see her buy it, as it surely wouldn’t be a surprise. 

She said that it was not for me, or my brother (or my dad for that matter!).  She explained, “Some kids aren’t as lucky as you are.  They don’t have a Christmas.  They don’t have a tree, or anybody to put anything under it for them.  We must always remember that.”  She headed straight for the Marines’ Toys For Tots bin and dropped the truck in there. 

After that, we began every season that way until I was old enough to go shopping on my own; we’d hit a Hess station and she’d buy the truck and then let me drop it in the Toys For Tots bin.  Some years were leaner than others, and sometimes there wasn’t much under our tree, but some kid I’d never meet, somewhere, would have a nice new Hess truck every year.  I found out, many years later, that she continued to do this long after my brother and I were grown and gone. 

THAT was my Mom.

Lookout! Americans in Denmark! 

The last thing you expect to hear just after soundcheck somewhere in Denmark is "Hey, JT!" Startled, I turned around and saw familiar faces. It turns out that, this year, some American fans happened to be in Copenhagen when I was there and decided to catch the show. 

You know folks, you don't have to do that. We'll be back in the USA and we'll come to you.

"Fock hyoo, Zheff! 

What a great surprise tonight! From out of nowhere I got a video call from halfway around the world. It was Carsten and Gerda, who were partying hard in the wee hours in her bar near Dusseldorf. They just called to say "FOCK HYOOO ZHEFF!" Who are Carsten and Gerda, and what is "FOCK HYOOO ZHEFF" you ask? Well, let’s take a trip back a few years to my fourth (I think) European Tour…

Hey, we'll take it any way we can get it... 

You just never know where music licensing is going to take you. I just received an email from someone who says they love “Jacksonville”.  It seems they came across the song (the original studio verson) in an online virtual-reality fishing game.  OK, that's kind of a strange usage for that song, but we'll certainly take the money.

Pre-dawn cheese steak detour... 

When you had a gig Friday night in Charlotte and then drove all day Saturday to your gig in DC and now you're driving four hours to New York City and you suddenly realize that you gained an hour overnight with the change of the clocks, so it's only a three-hour drive now, so you "swing by" the south end of Philadelphia for a pre-dawn cheesesteak. Because you've got an extra hour, right?

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