Sideburns, bell-bottomed-jeans, and better drugs... 

I am always fascinated by what it must have been like to make recordings in the 70's, and as a musician, I would love to be reincarnated in that era. Technology had moved past the limitations of the 50s and 60's, but had not yet busted wide open into the rampant laziness and abdication that MIDI and sampling brought about in the 80s. There's plenty of great (and shitty) music being made today, but everything it's missing is encapsulated in this video. No unlimited tracks or "undo" button; you had to be resourceful and spend TIME on the song, figuring out how best to bring it to its fruition. Note the one dude recalling how he said, "...but HOW will we do it?" I still catch myself saying, "Fuck you guys, just sample somebody's voice, fire up a click, line the shit up and get on with it." And you don't really think this song is that much of a big deal until you realize when it was made and what they had to work with.

They can't buy it if you're giving it away... 

Kid who works at the venue, after the show tonight: “Hey JT, that song ‘All I Ever Wanted’ is awesome, but on Spotify I can only hear part of it and then you start talking over it.”

JT: “That’s right, if you want the whole song, you have to buy it.”

Kid: “Oh, OK (typing), I just bought it." 

Why a gamey,street-level musician like me can figure this out and an entire industry couldn’t before it committed suicide is something I will never ever understand. 


Bug in your ear... 

OK, more tales from the darkside of gigging. Just as I was about to go on tonight, something flew into my ear. And stayed there. To the point where it was flapping around inside and I couldn’t get it out. I went into the men’s room and tried water, the blow dryer, anything I could, and I could still feel - and HEAR - it fucking around in there (and it was LOUD). I came out and went on and made it through one song with this shit, and then took my vodka and grapefruit and poured it in there. It finally came flying out during a high note in the second song. What really pisses me off is that it didn’t even have the decency to offer to buy the next round.

"What's Going On?", you ask? 

From last Sunday at John Scott's. Join us again this (and every!) Sunday, all summer long. It's the closest I've ever come to attending church...


Heads up for those of you coming to the pre-fireworks 4th of July JT show... 

Heads up for those of you coming to the pre-fireworks 4th of July JT show …the NYPD (in its much-appreciated efforts to make sure the only things blowing up in NYC on the fourth of July are fireworks) will be closing all streets to vehicles for pretty much a quarter-mile radius around where we’re playing. We HIGHLY recommend public transit, namely the E, M, R, G, or 7 trains, which will deposit you just a few blocks away from the venue. 

For more information about the venue, maps, street closings, etc., here are some handy links, go HERE

Wake of destruction... 

When you go through road mandolins like girlfriends. The wake of destruction from the past seven years. Welcome to our new "natural" (right). They were all out of red, probably because I keep wrecking them.

Back to Belgium in 2019! 

Spring 2019 tour dates are coming in, and The JT traveling musical circus returns to Belgium on May 5th. A magical land where the hotels have beer vending machines in the lobby.  Be more like Belgium!

Your new digital assistant, "Frank"... 

You know what I don't understand - with all the allegations of rampant sexism and a patriarchial society, etc., how come all of the digital assistants are women? We tell Siri, Alexa, et al, to do demeaning, mundane little tasks we're all too lazy to do. Can't we yell at some guy to do this shit too? Like maybe "Frank." 

"Frank - play the fucking song, Frank." 

"Frank - where'd I leave my sandals?" 

"Frank - how many vodka tonics did I drink last night? And what time did she leave this morning?" 

"Frank - what's the capital of South Dakota? Frank? ANSWER me, Frank, goddammit."

Quick lobster run... 

If I can drive 11 hours to Charlotte, do a 3-hour show, then turn around and drive back to NYC, surely a quick 6-hour run north for some Maine lobster is like running an errand.

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