Hang out and have a drink and some tunes with us!

I finally got to hang with my buddy and violinist extraordinaire Aubrey Richmond out in Los Angeles this past Thursday night - without actually having to fly into LAX! 

A year ago, when musicians everywhere suddenly found themselves home at night, Aubrey decided to just turn on the Facebook Live thing, crank up the fireplace, grab a few instruments, and hang out with a glass of wine or two (or three or four) and just talk. And talk. And talk. About anything. About everything. It has been communal therapy for musicians, and non-musicians for that matter. And this time, I was her special guest! 

Aubrey tours and records with everyone from Shooter Jennings to Guns & Roses’ Duff McKagan. Most recently, she played on Marilyn Manson’s latest release. Now, anyone THAT versatile is somebody you wanna hang out and have a drink with. Which is precisely what we’ve done for years, but now since we can’t do it in person, well... 

So we drank and talked - for three hours! Put a bottle of wine in front of an Italian dude who already talks way too much anyway, and that's what you get. We were having so much fun that viewers kept saying "play some damned music!" (which I eventually did get around to).

There's no way I'd subject you to three hours of that, so here’s a (mercifully) edited recap of our bi-coastal hang…